Sunday, July 17, 2005


Overdue Update

Sorry about all of the dead air lately. I have been rather distracted these last few days, so I don't have much to show :p. There are still a couple of news-worthy tidbits, despite my lack of concentration.

ffmpeg Dependency Issues

First off, thanks to willem for helping out with this matter.

So, it turns out that ffmpeg actually generates .pc files (for the pkg-config system), but how those files are handled varies from distribution to distribution. Under Debian, an ffmpeg-config script is installed, and other under distributions, the .pc files could be installed. Under Gentoo, none of those files is installed. Thus, I've re-written our ffmpeg test so that it looks for "ffmpeg-config" first, "pkg-config avcodec avformat" next, and then finally tries to just right-out look for "-lavcodec -lavformat" (or "-lavcodec_pic -lavformat_pic").

The main reason we have to use ffmpeg-config or pkg-config first is because on systems like Debian, the ffmpeg libraries are cross-linked to lots of other optional libraries. Thus, there is a variable list of -l flags that must be used in addition to "-lavcodec -lavformat", and it would be foolish to try to brute-force all of the possible combinations.

Edits & Corrections

kermit_ has kindly donated his time and skills as a technical writer. He's already made a few adjustments to the GPLFlash homepage, and he's presently working on annotating and cleaning up the contents of gplflash2/doc/. Thanks kermit_!

NPAPI updates

I've made various updates to the NPAPI docs (html, pdf, and texinfo source). The initial documents were totally, flat-out wrong in some respects. I could really use a Windows programmer and a Mac programmer to help me write the platform-specific parts of the guide. Anyone interested?

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Note: I have been told by someone who recently downloaded the SWF specification that Macromedia has added a restrictive license to the end of the document. Because of this, newcomers will not be able to get a copy of the spec and still be able to contribute to GPLFlash's development. Since other developers (such as myself) already have access to the specification without the license, this should not pose a major problem in the short term. Please bear with us, and do not seek out or use this specification in conjunction with the GPLFlash project.