Monday, July 11, 2005


Asking the Mozilla Devs

All right; the long and short of it is that the "simple" plugin from last time didn't register or otherwise work. As such, I decided to pop over to and see if I couldn't straighten things out directly with the developers. Apparently, the XPCOM plugin interfaces are deprecated >_<. So… there's no reason not to just use the plain-jane C NPAPI interface. I'll go ahead and design with that in mind.

Just a quick thought: We should try to avoid using the eye-candy gtk offers to plugins, since IIRC that won't work with opera. And XPCOM probably wounldn't work witrh opera either... see you latter on irc
Well, we've explicitly marked our plugin as "mozilla" — not as a generic "work in any browser" plugin. If we're looking to work in lots of browsers, we should probably rename the directory to "netscape." A list of browsers we want to support would be nice, too.
an unofficial list of browsers we wish to support: Mozilla based browsers, konquorer and opera, in that order.
All three can be done using NPAPI.
I can't remember if konquorer can handle gtk-plugin-stuff...
I think Christophe started a KPart-plugin, but couldn't get i working properly.
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Note: I have been told by someone who recently downloaded the SWF specification that Macromedia has added a restrictive license to the end of the document. Because of this, newcomers will not be able to get a copy of the spec and still be able to contribute to GPLFlash's development. Since other developers (such as myself) already have access to the specification without the license, this should not pose a major problem in the short term. Please bear with us, and do not seek out or use this specification in conjunction with the GPLFlash project.